How to speak Australians - Season 1

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How to speak Australians - Season 1

Post by PistolPatch » 3 years ago

Wasn't sure where to post this :scratch:. As good a place as any I suppose :).
How to Speak Australians - Season 1
Excellent Comedy by Aussie Indians.
(International Viewers: Try Episode 4 first.)
This is as good as beer!!!!! Not sure if our international audience will find this anywhere near as funny as Aussies (original, old or new) will.

Episode 1: G'Day Knackers - An introduction to the Australian vernacular, with particular emphasis on their penchant for expletives and derogatory put-downs.

Episode 2: Grub - A terrifying look at the Aussie diet. Includes an Indian take on ‘How to build your own barbie.’

Episode 3: Rhyming Slang - Like the mother tongue itself, the Brits invented Rhyming Slang, the Australians have turned it into an art form. From Barry Crocker (shocker) to Germaine Greer (beer). Introduction of ‘Chopper’ the talking cockie.

Episode 4: Famous Australians - Includes a truly C-class impersonations of Pauline Hanson and a clumsy re-enactment of a Ned Kelly hold-up. Maharaji Davo takes us through the car used by Mel Gibson in Mad Max. The students also partake in a dress-as-a-famous-Aussie day. [ADMINNOTE: This is an information site. Mel Gibson is from New Zealand and Pauline Hanson is from England :lol:]

Episode 5: Nicknames - Hello Chopper - ‘Chopper’ the talking cockie takes over the class with his incessant foul mouth/beak. The students adopt some anglicised names and then convert them/Australianise them to varying levels of success. Eg. Gibson to ‘Gibbo’, Leslie to ‘Leso’.

Episode 6: The Slackarse Country - A deep and disturbing look at the great Australian beach holiday and their obsession with National holidays. Includes a re-enactment of a camping trip to Rosebud.

Episode 7: Dunny Budgies & Budgie Smugglers - A way-too detailed account of how pervasive the humble blowfly is on Australian life. Also further examines Aussie beach culture.

Episode 8: Citizenship Test - The students sit a mock Australian Citizenship Test. We also see the students graduation. The series finishes when their beloved talking cockie ‘Chopper’ dies. They bury the stiff cockie in the college yard whilst singing ‘Advance Australia Fair’.
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Post by doomy86 » 2 years ago

I am swiss and i love the aussie humor!

Fat Pizza anyone ?
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