Second BIAB - BCS Irish Red Ale

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Second BIAB - BCS Irish Red Ale

Post by WhipSips » 9 months ago

Im about to brew my second BIAB next weekend which will be Jamil's and John's Ruabeoir Irish Red Ale and it will be a 2.5 gallon VIF. I adjusted the VAW as recommended for BCS recipes as instructed on this site however I'm questioning the IBUs. I bumped them up a bit to get slightly more bitterness but still within style. Can anyone please take a look at my BIABacus file and give some feed back prior to my brew day?

Much appreciated,
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Re: Second BIAB - BCS Irish Red Ale

Post by ShorePoints » 9 months ago

WS - Increasing the IBUs in Secton D along with the new value of AA% will work out fine. Most people are +/- 4 Tinseth IBU anyway.

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