15 flavours from one tap.

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15 flavours from one tap.

Post by Clackers » 2 weeks ago

Is this possible? 15 flavours? this was in the local paper and found it on the net thought I`d share it.
I wont be going, 90 minute wait time. Did that once for some noodles over here and was hugely disappointed.

https://english.kyodonews.net/news/2017 ... limit.html
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Re: same beer, 15 flavours, differnt pull.

Post by PistolPatch » 2 weeks ago

Sounds more like a very good marketing strategy than a reality :P (For example, if you are only allowed 2 beers, no one is going to be able to prove that you could have had 15 "different" ones from the same tap.)

However, there is one germ of truth in there...

The article says, "once a glass has been filled with beer, only froth is poured in the second time." If you want to taste/focus on the hop flavour of a beer (rather than , bitterness, aroma and malt), pour the beer with a substantial head and then use a teaspoon to taste just the head.

If Clacks or anyone else gives this a go, please report back. I'd love to hear what you experience.

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