Introducing Points - BIPs

Anyone, including you, can help make a real difference to other brewers!

Most importantly, earning BIPs shows that you contribute to the brewing community - you actively give back. In addition:

    Here are a few examples:

    • Faster, Better, Higher Quality Answers: The site will actively encourage preferential treatment of new members or those with higher BIPs.
    • Early Access to New Information: This site has members who have made profound breakthroughs to the way you can brew craft beer at home. We're sure there will be more and if you have enough BIPs, you'll be able to watch them being born.
    • Access to the 'Grey' Areas: To ensure the visible side of the site is not confusing, we'll be creating a "grey" side. You'll need some BIPs to see that!
    • Possible Financial Benefits: In the future, we'll endeavour to obtain financial discounts at wholesalers and retailers for higher BIP members.

    How would you like to spend your BIPs?

    Let us know inThe BIPs Thread!

    BIPs help enable the highest quality site. For example:

    • They can help fund this expensive site
    • They give a little recognition to the members who devote so many hours assisting other members
    • · They provide multiple avenues for any member to contribute to the greater good of the community (see below)

    You can do this, on this page - see "Get BIPs Now!"

    If you purchase BIPs today, you can see there are some great savings.

    A great reason to get BIPs now!

    Whether you are a new or old, inexperienced or experienced brewer, there are many ways you can earn BIPs. For example:

    Whether you are a new or old, inexperienced or experienced brewer, there are many ways you can earn BIPs. Examples of ways include, but are by no means limited to:

    • Welcoming new members
    • Encouraging/acknowledging another brewer's achievements
    • Giving thanks to fellow brewers for taking the time to help you with your questions
    • Giving feedback
    • Hosting a brew day
    • Posting anything particularly informative, interesting, helpful or entertaining

    Brewing should be fun! However, it can become "unfun" without the right advice. Quality information is the primary precedent of enjoying home-made craft beer therefore, more value is placed on members who, when posting on the board:

    • Provide links to existing quality information
    • Encourage "best/safe practices"
    • Advise of common brewing mistakes or popular misinformation
    • Spend time & effort educating or assisting fellow members
    • Warn others of inferior practices or products that have cost them time, quality, labour or money
    • Take knowledge quizzes (coming soon!)
    • Emphasise correct testing and documentation of brewing outcomes versus anecdotal results
    • Anything else in line with contributing quality information and promoting the site's Goodwill Policy

    If you have professional, technical skills to offer, we need you! Two quick examples:

    Marketing: the site has cost a tremendous amount of money (and time) to set up! If you have some clever ideas that match the quality ethos of the site, let us know!

    IT: creating a site of this complexity requires many specialist IT skills, so please keep an eye on our “Current IT Problems” thread (coming soon) if you’d like to help!

    There are many opportunities for passionate wholesalers and retailers who provide quality equipment and ingedients to craft home brewers.

    Easily increase your local, regional or international recognition and profitability by increasing your BIPs. This can be done simply by:

    • Donating cash and/or prizes
    • If you are a wholesaler, offering specials to retailers.
    • If you are a retailer, offering specials to members.
    • Retail collaboration to finance or enable high-quality new products from wholesalers
    • Have exclusive access to new product ideas that has been holding up their sleeve
    • Earn 'Reputation' BIPs through offering great service and products

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    Until the new site opens, you won't be able to see the actual number of BIPs you have. However, if, before then, your BIPs reach certain levels, we will manually upgrade you to our 'Craft' or 'Gold' member groups!

    Prior Contributors: Don’t worry, we definitely haven’t forgotten you! You’ll be contacted regarding your prior contributions, hopefully before, or not too soon after, the new site opens.

    Need more info? Ask in The BIPs Thread

    Get BIPs Now!

    You are probably one, or more, of the following...

    • An early adopter
    • A brewer who has already saved time and/or money as a result of the information provided on
    • A new brewer who is willing to pay it forward
    • An older member who has not yet been able to contribute
    • Someone who recognises the vast amount of time, money and concentration that has been spent on the site to date
    • A wholesaler or reatailer who has been waiting for something just like this!

    ...just the type of brewer we want and need!

    We really appreciate you supporting us with the purchase of BIPs.

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