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Appreciate the thought Mally.

I also have a source for some sturdy food grade containers but at the moment they are too big for my needs (100L I'd guess), but I reserved a couple anyway.

I think I'll just buy a couple of cubes.

Thanks again,


Thanks for the quick response Mally. I'm tending to agree now that I've mulled it over. By the time I've bought and tried a solvent, cleaned and sanitized, it would probably be cheaper and quicker to buy new. Also, I can keep the containers for next time we get snowed in and run out of fuel! I can't...

Hi, Anyone from northeast uk? I'm just outside durham city and busy putting my BIAB kit together. Just need the pot, burner, regulator, hose, brewbag .......and a shed to brew it in. Seriously though, I should have the majority of this by the end of the month and can't wait to get started. Broonzy.

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