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15 min hop additions and no-chill?

I know this topic gets discussed widely on all brewing forums but I just wanted to get a second opinion on hop additions for a no-chill clone I'm doing of Fullers 1845 Ale. The recipe aims for 50IBU roughly, of which 40 IBU come from the 60 minute addition and 10 from a 15 minute addition. In transl...

Thanks MS.

Recipe file attached.

The recipe is based on Cigar City's Maduro Brown Ale, but I'm not looking for an exact clone.

As mentioned, I already have the milled and bagged grains on hand, so I've tweaked my volumes to fit my estimated OG and BIABacus kettle efficiency figure.

Ah, thanks MS — that's interesting about "safe" mode. I'll bear that in mind. I think the best approach for me right now is to look forward to my next batch, not backwards to past batches and stick with the defaults, except for evaporation rate. I'm planning a Northern Brown Ale right now so maybe i...

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