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Just to confirm, the cold crash brought all yeast rafts to the bottom, nothing was left on the surface once I've opened the fermentor. I didn't use Irish Moss so it isn't clear, but I like it that way, reminds me of Hefe Weizen. Anyway, I've bottled about 22 litre and used about 5 grams/litre of tab...

Well, it seems that the beer is fine, a bit to bitter perhaps, maybe I've
put in too much Chinook. It has been on cold crash since saturday, temp is
about 40F, was thinking about bottling it with 6 grams per litre.

Anyway, thank you all for your help, will let you know how it turns out!

Well this would be great news indeed. I've used Safale 05, pitched on 18C, fermentation was between 20C and 22C the whole time. I can cold crash it in my fridge. How many days do you recommend and on what temperature? I was planning to bottle them on Saturday (21st day of fermentation), should I do ...

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