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Lessons learnt: check tap on boiler before brew (leaked), check new wort chiller (leaked), don't tell wife it only takes 3 hours! All smoothed over.

First Biab

First AG brew day today with 40L electric boiler. Chuffed to get a strong rolling boil without boiler mods and ended up with OG close to target, although ended up with much more wort volume than expected. Looking forward to waking up to (hopefully) lots of FV bubbles o. The morning, but for now, a w...

Thanks for the help/advice. I have amended the spreadsheet and am getting more sensible figures now although IBU some way off the Brewdog "recipe" quoted figures. BIABacus PR1.3T - IPA - Dead Pony Club - Batch 1.xlsx Having read Pistol Patch's posts I now see that perhaps I should have started with ...

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