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i too love my no chillin' i usually ferment in the no-chill cube after the wort is chilled. my tip for storing the empty cubes between uses is to fill the jerry with about a liter of tap water and about a capfull of of bleach. shake well and store on the side so the cap and white rubber seal are als...

Nuff wrote:If I didn't know better, I would delete that translation as Spam - lol. I read it all and am only a little wiser. Any links to the initial competition and where Carlsberg Brewery awarded you?
unfortunately it's all in Hebrew.

London here i come

Hey guys, Sorry to have been outta touch for so long. been busy. So anyway, i recently won the local "Carlsberg Challenge" . not a brewing contest but more a beer knowledge contest (paring food with beer, blind tasting to identify style and that sort of thing). 800 people went online and took the qu...

Boys, this is very very amusing. And it helped me pass the time on the train to work this morning.
Short train ride, you might ask? Well yes, that too. But this was quite a read and as English is my second language, Olde English is my second language once removed.

well i believe some of our English friends may be able to clear this up. As far as i know, in England, cask beer is very lightly naturally carbonated in the cask and then served by beer engine. The CO2 volume is very low (1- 1.5) and the head is actually produced by pushing the beer through the spec...

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