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I don't have my brew computer with me but I estimate about 250L.
That includes a total absence from home of about 5 months.
I don't think I would have brewed much more than that even if I had been home as I still have 75L in cubes waiting to be passed through my magical transformation bucket.

I'm not too sure when I'll be back over. I'll put one aside for if I come over short notice.

All tastings so far point towards it being a tasty brew. yum!
I'm glad I reduced the dry Galaxy addition as it seems more balanced against the other hop flavours now.


No worries guys,

The recipe is from post boil volumes, I'll edit the original to correct my omission


Also, I just dry hopped this and it is smelling and tasting awesome. can't wait to get it in a keg to sample it more often. :thumbs:

I did this one as a double and ended up with 54L (I wanted 52L) at the end of the day with an OG of 1.050 only cos I cut the boil a bit shorter than I wanted to. The hops are meant to be as they are, in my batch I had a total of 230g of hops so while it's not a hop monster, they do add up. What did ...

Probably no useful info here but, I did a brew a week ago and took some samples to check - end of mash, after mash out and after squeezing my bag. I put them in the fridge and forgot all about them til about 2300 that night. (So, I took no readings until it was in the fermenter! ) I couldn't be both...

Paul's Hop Burst Ale

Brewed this last week and it's tasting awesome. I just dry hopped it too Only change would be to use a more malt forward yeast but it's fine how it is. Hop Burst Ale (American Pale Ale) Original Gravity (OG): 1.053 (°P): 13.1 Final Gravity (FG): 1.013 (°P): 3.3 Alcohol (ABV): 5.21 % Colour (SRM): 5....

Hey Keith, You've probably just found the best advice there is: Make it and see how it turns out! I NC (in a cube) and when I brew a beer for the first time, I make no changes to the grain or hop schedule other than scaling the recipe to my batch size. When I try the beer, I then decide if I want to...

Hop 1: US Amarillo - 8.9AA% - 15.0 IBUs - 21.0 g at 60 min Hop 2: US Amarillo - 8.9AA% - 11.6 IBUs - 26.8 g at 20 min Hop 3: US Amarillo - 8.9AA% - 4.3 IBUs - 30.3 g at 5 min Total = 30.8 IBU's (existing 'The Calculator' hop formula) Now let's change it to a FWH recipe by taking away 30% of the hop...

I was just wondering whether you could get the bittering required from adding extra quantity at the 20 min addition. If you can would it be worth the extra cost of hops to get the added aroma and flavour you lose in the 60 min boil. Bek Hi Bek, Short answer is yes. Long answer: One of the guys in m...

I just chill my beer in the fermenter to about 2 degrees celcius for 2-7days then I rack it into my keg. Comes out clear enough straight up but an extra week in my serving fridge and it's as if I had filtered it. Less mucking around for the same result wins in my books! Although, I have just started...

Hmmm, that looks like it might be infected! You should throw it out :headhit:

I had a beer with cherries in it once, was a really nice beer. They should help set it off nicely.


nu_brew wrote:WOW these pictures were taken in 2007, I wonder how it went?
Just not sure how to use it as a BIAB kettle?? :think:

I was wondering that myself.
Maybe an immersion heater?
Or we could go all the way and do some sort of RIMS setup in the pumpkin. :argh:


I have some Nottingham in my fridge and I noticed on the packet it has to be dehydrated , not sure now what to do... That looks like a typo to me. We only want to rehydrate dry yeast be it in tepid water or wort. Personally I sprinkle it on top of the wort once I have aerated it. I'm lazy so this r...

Really..I was told that keeping the water at full blast is best for an immersion chiller (without a pre-chiller) no matter what the temperature of the out water is. The reason being that the immersion chiller works by being a cold object immersed in the wort that can than be pulled out when done. T...

I don't know much about pre chillling. When you are chilling, there are 2 main points to remember. 1: if the water coming out of the chiller is cool then it is going too fast. This will mean that the heat transfer is inefficient. 2: Whatever the temperature of the cooling water is is pretty much the...

Thanks Yeasty,

I'm about to walk out the door for work and all I can think of is how good having one of those right now would be.

Looks damn good :) (we really need a Homer Simpson drooling type emoticon.... mmmmm beer!)


Hey Crusty,

Good work on your first BIAB. :party:

In Brewmate, add your expected trub losses to your batch size. IE, 32.5L instead of 30L
If you add it to the losses section, the program just adds the extra water without adjusting for the extra grain/hops etc you would need.


Will starsan bubble if sprayed onto a leak ? If it does it will be better that soapy water considering the risk of spoiling your beer. Don't have any so I can't try it.. It does work. I use it all the time. However, there's no need to worry abut the soapy water and your beer. As long as there is pr...

I just ran up a batch of this and is in my keg now carbing up.
Great drop and loads of great reviews.

Get the recipe here

He has done a few versions throughout the thread that goes with it but I just did the one I linked you to. If you can't see it let me know and I'll repost it here


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