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Sorry PP I should have just submitted the question about whirlpool hops. I had a feeling you might jump all over that recipe. These guys are a brand new brewery in a burgeoning craft beer marled here in Alberta. To have them, in their first few months, publish the recipe for their most popular beer ...

Since the shipping, handling and storage of hops is always an unknown, having the AA% of the brewers hops is fairly subjective, no? I have always felt that an average analysis by a supplier like HopUnion should be close enough. Try soaking some hop pellets in a glass of warm water for an hour and te...

A local craft brewer has been good enough to publish a recipe for one of their brews. I can get more details if I need them but I was wondering how to handle the Whirlpool hops from within the Biabacus? I can work my way around their process okay but not sure how to calculate this area? Blindman Riv...

Of course it wasn't the exact amount every batch PP. I was aware of the problem and adjusting according to the grain bill. As I said before, I have narrowed down the problem and it is not your Biabacus casing it. No worries here, thanks.

Thanks Joshua, I am using a 20L Braumeister now (52 batches) but have always used the Biabacus for calculations. I do squeeze the malt pipe quite hard though. Much like my Biab days. Looking back at my notes I think I may have been a little sloppy with them over the last year. I think I will not pan...

This old hand is stumbling today. I have a problem with the amount of wort lost to the grist. I cannot find the adjustment for it. The Biabacus is consistently 1 liter out on my VIB. Eg. It predicts 28 liters and I end up with 27. As I am aware of this I can allow for it but I would like to fix it. ...

First glance I would say that an easy change would be to use Maris Otter or Golden Promise in place of the Bairds Pale. Although I am really no familiar with the Bairds I am familiar with the other 2 and are great in English Browns. The Brown malt is great.

Pat wrote: Finally, never rely on a single thermometer or two of the same type. Try and have at least two different ones.

I might add that hopefully these multiple thermometers read the same or you will go insane before the mash is done. Just sayin.

Chesl73, I think I can answer #1 for you. You entered you desired volume onto fermentor, the BIABacus the manages your numbers to keep this final figure. I expect that if you look you will see that your TWN is changing as you adjust the evaporation numbers. I hope that helps.

I decided to walk home one night after having a few at the local pub. I guess I wasn't walking to straight because a cop pulled up beside me and asked me where I was going? I told him that I was on my way to a lecture. He says " who gives lectures at this time of night?".
I said " my wife"

You need the copper pipe used in home construction. Your drinking water comes through it and is totally safe. There is a flexible grade that comes in rolls. Appliance stores often have it for fridge hookups,,, I think.

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