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The bag has worked perfectly for the last 4 brew days. I have used it on various grain bills ranging from 10.5 to 23 pounds. So far the only issue I have run into was protecting the bag from the edges of the keggle opening. You either have to be very diligent and sand your cut completely smooth or c...

I am a 5 gallon brewer at this point so max would probably be 20 to 25 lbs but I haven't ever made a beer that big so realistically 10 to 15 lbs will be the norm. I will let you know how the bag works out when I brew with it on Saturday with a 10.5 lbs bill.

Keggle BIAB Bag

Thanks to my wife and mother in law I have my first BIAB bag. I used the recommendations of but adjusted the height a little to have some more overhang. Top = kettle top circumference (3.14 x diameter x 0.5) x 1.15 Height = kettle height x 1.50 + 1inch for drawstring or elastic. Base ...

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