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Re: BIABacus Pre-Release - Your First Impressions

I may have misunderstood your question stefanoch, but evaporation is the loss of water during boiling of wort. As you mention, diameter of the kettle plays a part, but also wall thickness, fuel type, kettle shape, indoors/outdoors etc. It is fairly consistent regardless of volume in the kettle thoug...

Re: Use this thread to convert recipes to suit your equipment...

PistolPatch wrote:
3 years ago
Has anyone written to Greg Hughes and asked him to explain what his numbers are based on? What software he's using? Has anyone got time to ask him?

Ting tong had some info here that may help?

Re: Tasting a 115 Year-Old Beer (That is not a typo)

Did anyone get in touch with Bass? They may have had some interest, just wondered. Also, maybe Charlie Bamforth, as he used to work at Bass in the 70's IIRC? I haven't checked but there is a website called Barclay Perkins (run by Ron Pattison), he tends to cover a lot of info about historical beers,...

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