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Right now I have a pulley mounted in the header of my garage door. I purchased an EZ-UP Canopy to do all my business outside. But now I will need a "tripod" to hook up to my bag. Anyone make one out of 2 x 4's or conduit?? Dutch oven tripods may work, but may not be tall enough

BobBrews wrote:PackerFan,

I don't see why you couldn't. I think this recipe is from Zymurgy, isn't it? Good luck with it.
Optimal ready time for this brew is 4 months
I can't wait that long. :nup:

Go Packers! :champ:
It's All-Grain - Chocolate Covered Beavr Nutz from a member on homebrewtalk

In a nut shell, this is what I have done. My last two batches were a Cream Ale and a Centennial Blonde AG 5gal batches. In 7.5 gallons of water(for 90 min mash and 90 min boil). If a 60 min mash and boil I'll cut it down to 7 gallons. I mashed the grains at 148-150f for 60-90 mins, depending on the ...

Bob, stop trying to answer all the questions form PackerFan - lol! (Bob will do anything to get you into next year's Cheestradamus :P*) I thought this was actually going to be a quick question and answer but it's not :dunno:. There's actually a few problems here PF. For example, you can actually ma...

Big Grain Bill

Can this amount of grains be mashed in a 9 gallon pot? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 11.75lb Domestic 2 Row 1lb Rolled Oats 1.6lb Chocolate Malt 80z Carapils 8oz Caramel 120L 8oz Roasted Barley 1oz Chinook 1.25oz Spalt 1/4 cup cocoa powder 4oz cocoa...

Hey PackerFan, I've lost count of the number of hours I've spent reading up on this site. And seriously, not a moment has been wasted. I'm new myself with a grand total of 6 brews under my belt. Just out of interest what size pot are you brewing with? Lee just filled my pot to the brim with 36 quar...

Is there a forum here for BIAB recipes? I did a Cream Ale yesterday, but I had to ask around for almost everything except the grain bill. Here are the two biggest questions: 1. How much water for a 5 gallon batch? 2. What temp does the water need to be, before I pour in the grains? Why can't this b...

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