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Hi nosco and Contrarian,
Fantastic detailed replies I have taken notes and I'm sure a lot of other people on here will be very interested in what you have done.
Thank You

I finally got a grain mill motor from Motion Dynamics with a sensor control If I had my money again I would just buy a Malt Muncher and a MD motor. Great post Nosco just the Info I needed for when I start using mine here's their website And thank you joshua for th...

That is most awesome ..
Might be a little bit pushed to compete with that,
But now you mention it i can see where my priorities need to be focused LOL

Make sure you get at least a double garage in your new house for your mancave/brew house TT. It was number 1 on my list :-) Hi Dom Oamaru and surrounding area pretty good deals on house and land prices I already had a four bay pole barn with workshop, But with no more missus to interfere ( and lot ...

Hi New Year greetings to everyone, I would like to thank all members of this site past and present for all the help and information I have spent hours over the last couple of years pouring over it. Last year was a great brewing year for me most of the time getting a brew going every second week main...

Got the London Pride Recipe from Graham wheelers book good solid basic recipes you will probably like his Marstons Pedigree recipe I had great success using Mangrove Jacks Burton Union yeast but the best ever when funds allowed was with Thames Valley 1275. Remember the Timothy Taylor Landlord from m...

Great stuff again Dom
I sampled some Panhead gear over xmas really impressed with it.
So i think this recipe is definetly saved to the high priority folder
Thank You

Great stuff Dom
I did a London Pride a while back increased the abv and doesnt look far off yours great recipe for someone missing beers from the motherland lol
PS I used Mangroves Jacks dried real Ale Yeast seemed pretty good

oh well best laid of plans haven't managed to test new mill out as our house goes up for sale on the 15th so doing one final brew tonight before i have to clear everything away. When i get a new place it will be so set up for brewing ... and no more NAGGING lol :sneak: Ruddles County Ale recipe sour...

Thanks for replies previous mill was a heavily modified Victoria electric drill powered flour mill so expecting a bit more refinement with this. Will try with my previous electric drill set up All of my grain bills todate have been under 6 KGs so if i had to use the supplied crank handle it wouldn't...

Grain Mill For Kiwis

Hi Just received one of these MaltMuncher grain mills off trade me of all places Fantastic price delivered fro...

When I first started I didn't know any different :blush: I've just carried on the tradition, pictured is my Green Bullet Pale mash with 900ml of headspace :) Just gone into boil with tonights brew (Jamils Extra Yellow) and that had a whopping 700ml :!: Always found Biabacus to be spot on with limits...

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