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Electric Kettles

For those that have electric elements in their kettles:

Do you unscrew the element and pull it from the kettle after every brew for cleaning? Intellectually it sounds like that's the way to go (clean clean clean everything always), but I'm wondering if it's overkill?



Thanks for the heads up about being on different breakers: I read that somewhere else and I'm planning for it. As to why not using my stove: wife is not fond of hops smell permeating her kitchen. We also have a glass top stove, and to make sure I never have a boil-over on it is to not ever boil wort...

thughes, (can we just call you Fonzie?) Thanks for the reply. I have read some of your previous posts, and it's nice that I can sort things (on paper - in my head) because you have taken the time to post (and spend money experimenting!). So, perhaps 2 of those elements would get me to a boil? Or, it...

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