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Some good answers on that link Joshua. My personal preference would be to use a no chill cube rather than leaving the wort with an air pocket above it. I was using the ones with taps and did have a couple of infections admittedly though. Mine were from the tap location at the bottom of the cube. The...

All good advice here.
I have a pulley system which use to lift the bag and tie off above the vessel.
Im interested in how you malted the grain.
I have some unmalted grain at home and was looking at ways to do it but could only really look at using the oven and for 1-2 days straight.

Not sure about the tarp. Really dont want it to condense and drip back into the kettle. Ive done a couple of brews in the kitchen at home. The vapor hit the ceiling and ran down all the walls. 12 months later im still trying to clean them.

I used it for a Biere de Garde and came out really good. Bit peppery and dark fruits. Would be really good for a dubbel or maybe even tripple.

Hey, I dont think it would be ruined. It will most likely not be as high a gravity to start with and will end up with less alcohol than intended. Off the top of my head id be thinking of holding back a few litres wort adding more extract and top up to nominated ferment volume and ferment. Always fer...

Hey Rick, Bit late to the party but I would be thinking along the lines of the lower mash temp and a big starter. Did you use a starter on this brew? Used a couple of calculators and pics attached. Brewers Friend is saying to use 3 - 4 packets without a starter. Photo 1.jpg If you use a starter and ...

WLP550 - Belgian Ale Yeast

Not sure if you all have much experience with WLP550 - Belgian Ale Yeast. Im very surprised by it. Pitched on fri at 20 deg. Finished ferment by Mon morning. 1.065 - 1.013 in 3 days. Ill leave it another week to finish up but it already lower than the target fg.

Hey kaiser, Couple of things spring to mind. It looks to me like you are looking like getting a lot of gravity points from the boil. In your example you want to go from 1.033 to 1.050. This seems a big task to me imo. Just checked my records and the most ive got is 14 points (average i get is about ...

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