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I am Jealous mjc. I can not wait to get home and do one. It sounds like all went pretty well minus a bit of spike in temp. I will need to remember that the temp will go up after F/O. I am sure I will be scolded also for stealing things out of the linen closet to both make bags and wrap around my ket...

I agree whole heartedly Yeasty. There are so many darn recipes on the internet that I would like to try. After reading #15 a couple of times it really got me to go back and look at some of them again. And then say no :argh: The post needs to be somewhere that new Brewers such as myself would have ve...

This has been a very entertaining post Schlitz. Thanks for running it. When I told a couple of Mates in Oklahoma this last September, that I was going to research out, and Brew my own Beer.... The first thing out of their mouths was "Do you think you can make Bud Light"? After looking upon them with...

Pat you guys are to Funny :argh: I would think Tapaphila would be more like someone that had a fear of Draft Beer and would only drink out of Bottles :argh: Actually what is really funny is I have had so much time on my hands waiting on my rotation back to the states I have read both of those posts ...

Honestly, I was being rather "Cheeky" as some of our International friends on here would call it :lol:
Towards Pat. :blush:
I am an obsessive cleaner.......but not like that guy on the video you posted with the Kegs :argh:

I would really like to use a local place but found out today that I will not be flying into OKC until late, so my first visit to my first Local Shop will have to wait I guess.
11" of snow today. Bad weather keeps the bad guys inside though :shoot:

Or I might "Attempt" to copy your Bear Recipe.
My biggest problem right now is I live so far from a LHBS, I am probably going to have to buy the goodies on-line. :idiot:
Maybe I will just have to start one in my small town :clap:

Honestly Bob-
The way the guys set up the program, even a moron like myself can do it.
Besides, I am just taking your advice and getting the recipe off the NB web site and plugging it in....Big Cheater

Just remember Bob, copying you is the most serious form of flattery there is :thumbs: I have been looking for the Brew that will "Break my Cherry" so to speak, and this looks like it is it Vet Brother. Now to get my BIABacus written, loaded, and checked by the professionals here on this site :salute...

Lylo- I have not only read all of the posts in this thread, I have come back and read it three times. EXCELLENT!! and thank you to all that have made contributions :clap: . For a New Brewer such as myself, finding BIABrewer has been a God send. Plus it has saved me lots of cash to find out I do not ...

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