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mcce. I would be happy to meet up,Also if i could come see a demo with the person you have found would be great. Bungbrew,Also would be good to meet up with you aswell if interested. Contrarian,If you would like some more eyes i would be interested in talking to you aswell. Thanks for all the replys.

My brew has been in fermenter 1 day of a week,I havent seen the air lock bubble once.
It is a constant 16-18 degress.
Is there something wrong,when i did extract the air lock would be bubbling within a day.

Thankyou PP.
I am really happy with the support from this site and you guys.
I hope you dont mind all the questions.
Will keep you posted.


Thank you,PP andRick.
I will try get a brew goin in the next two weeks.
I still need to learn some things that i dont yet understand but this site is helping me.

Hello All.

IM using a keg for a kettle,which gives me 52lts.
my fermenter should hold 25lts if not i know it does 23lts.
Ive started to put what i know on biabacus.
Thanks for all the help,will shout everyone a drink when i master it.

Hello Pistolpatch.
Thanks for your reply.
Cant remember were that receipe came from,done a lot of google search.
I would like to get about 20-25Lt in bottles.
I havent made a brew using BIAB yet,do you think i should start brewing and learn before i try to clone.

How does this sound,please let me know.
4KG Munick malt.
300g Munic 1.
300g Wheat Malt.

15g Pride of Ringwood @60 mins.
20g Galaxy @10 mins dry hop with 20g after about 4-5 days in fermenter.

Any advise would be great.


Any Canberra brewers here?

Hello All. I havent made a brew yet. Im still researching BIAB and not sure what i would like to make. I was wondering if there was anyone in or near Canberra ACT to give me a quick tutorial with there BIAB,Ive read alot but would li,ke to see what actualy happens. May be a out there question but i ...

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