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How did you transfer the wort? If you poured the worth you may have disturbed the solids at the bottom. It is also possible that you could have waited longer for them to settle out. Any way it shouldn't be much of a concern. Whatever solids were transferred probably won't hurt anything. They if anyt...

I'd live to learn everything I can about this as well. I haven't attempted one yet because I was unsure of the fermentation schedule.

There are a number of posts on here on the wild inaccuracies of a refractometer. I don't have a chance to find some of them for you at the moment but if you can do a quick search something will come up.
I'm sure this beer will turn out fantastic and we can help ease your way into the next one.

Definitely check out the thermoworks site. You can never have too many thermometers. You want to be stirring constantly turning the mash bed over while heating. There can be layers at different temps throughout the mash so stirring helps to keep everything constant. I use a 10 inch propane burner an...

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