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Low Oxygen Brewing

One of the guys on the low oxygen brewing site has started a thread on HBT under Brew Science. Bryan Rabe of posted a link to a german brewing site  There he is pointing out the PDF which outlines the methodology for low oxygen brewing ...

Re: My First Post! - Post here to become Fully Registered

Hello. My name is Matt and I live in Cooper City, Florida. I have been homebrewing for about 2 years with 10 gallon coolers and a keggle. I have a keezer with 4 taps. I recently listened to a Beersmith Podcast and heard a presentation on BIAB so I started to do some research and found this site. I ...

Re: More Hops!!!

I just want to add that Perle hops are listed as bittering hops for that pale ale on the Sierra Nevada website. What is the source of your clone recipe calling for Perle hops for a 10 minute boil? That doesn't seem long enough to me.

Re: Brewdog's Citra IPA - IPA

[left]I plan to brew this on Sunday 22nd. It is based on the recipe from page 55 (65 in PDF) of[/left] [left]In the PDF it says it has an IBU of 70, but BIABacus says 32 (also, 70 is what I got from their Chinook IPA, using double the amount of hops, with similar AA%)...

Re: Am I on the New Server yet?

Maybe nothing, but since on the new server my emails coming in through gmail have a "red ?".  When I hover over it it says that gmail couldn't verify that actually sent it and not a spammer.  The gmail help says to send you this link.

Re: More Hops!!! A 13.1 °P equates to a 1.053 OG, so your 1.058 OG at 37.1 IBU would be low.  Watch the bitterness to gravity ratio when you make changes.  The BIABacus will display a .717 ratio when at 1.053 OG and 38 IBU. Be sure to remove the VAW setting you ha...

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