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Heres my take on the Reg Proc for BIABrewer

1. Was the time it took to go through the process worthwhile? Yes...
2. Did you cheat? Tried not to... But it is a lot of info...
3. Did you learn anything? Yes, about the site, I knew most of the other stuff...
4. What impression did it leave you about the site culture? Rules are rules, the current culture of the site is fine by me...
5. Should we change anything? No, not ATM, but as time goes on that may change...

Great site you have here. I'm sure I'll have lots to contribute but ATM I'm inundated with work which should slack off a bit as we get closer to xmas...

Thanks for having me... :drink:
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Is it working for you now?
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Hey Ya'll, Had fun looking around and reading everything. Everything went fairly smoothly. I think I'll like the forum because it was fairly easy to get onto and I'm interested in helping others get into All Grain.
BIAB is a great tool even with the limited experiece that I have.
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I tend to get impatient and started to skim but information caught my and slowed me down. Overall, not bad. Sometimes it pays to be slowed down and smell the wort along the way!

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Good Day SubSailor, There is a lot if Information here, And It may take two weeks to read everything!
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1. Was the time it took to go through the process worthwhile? Sure it was, always good to have a good understanding of the site layout as well as community roles and responsibilities.
2. Did you cheat? There were sections that I skimmed so I bent the rules slightly.
3. Did you learn anything? Only that there is lots to learn - to be honest having the guidelines, checklist, and calculator locked to non-members made it hard.
4. What impression did it leave you about the site culture? Friendly and knowledgeable but extremely cautious in terms of spam-bots, the later is of course a good thing if you have some time to spend following the reg process.
5. Should we change anything? Not exactly - I didn't have time to check if I could access the tools in the period between signing up and becoming an approved member - Bob was to dern fast.

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The process was well worth it. I took a couple hours to read through the information.
I learnes a lot of intersting points so that I tried out Beersmith to put together my first BIAB recipe. I can't wait to get started. This is going to be a very fun hobby I think.
Thanks for a great communiy of fellow BIAB brewers.


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I found it a bit more involved than with other forums, but if that keeps the quality up, then I am all for it!

There were a couple of posts, such as about Twitter and Google+ that I skipped, but then I don't use either! :peace:

The quality of the information on the site certainly makes it worth the extra effort at the start.
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1, Worthwhile, Yes, Very.
2, Cheating, No, but it is allowed as long as you cheat fair.
3,I hope so, but at 75 your brain absorbs information at a slower speed.
4, This site is very regimented, which is not a bad thing and as I find my way around I like the layout, just got to keep on reading.
5,Changes cannot be rushed and looking at the total concept I find it a pleasure to use, Regards, Ken.

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I found the registration process frustrating because I was looking for specific information and didn't come across the folder where you need to post in order to be able to register/post to other forums. Thus I wasted over a month.
Not the end of the world, but not at all obvious to me since most websites let you post after registering.

Lots of interesting material for me to read, especially on BIAB.

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BIABrewer wrote:BIABrewer is very interested to get your feedback on the registration process you have managed to wade your way through.

Please let us know your thoughts on things like the following...

1. Was the time it took to go through the process worthwhile?
About half an hour but I'm dyslexic so I read a little slower than most people.
BIABrewer wrote:2. Did you cheat? :)
No I read it all, I wouldn't say that I have retained it all though.
BIABrewer wrote:3. Did you learn anything?
Yes, some things but mostly I realised that I shall need to re-read it all as my knowledge progresses.
BIABrewer wrote:4. What impression did it leave you about the site culture?
Honestly? It makes the forum seem aloof and overbearing to me; as the admin on several non brewing forums I share the disdain for trolls and spammers but the way its put together made me feel that its probably a place where it's easy to get banned unless you are very careful. I did stop to think whether this is a place that I wish to frequent but I see that you have expertise in an area that interests me which outweighed my concerns.
BIABrewer wrote:5. Should we change anything?
I understand that you want to cover the bases and avoid dozens of threads which basically ask the same things over and over. A Wiki can be a great way to do this and a great thing to link to when someone asks the same question.

I think you need to be highly focused as to what goes in the important notices forum.
Threads such as the change of legend and the forums presence on other social networking are probably not necessary for new members to read, especially as there are links to the social media on the home page. As that forum grows stating that it is required reading in its entirety is probably going to become rather onerous.

I realise that I am probably on the wrong time zone for this forum but having posted at lunchtime here I was surprised that it was late night before the post was approved. It might be worth seeing if there are Mods in different time zones who could review initial posts as I was starting to think I had pressed preview rather than submit.

Your anti bot questions may also need some tweaking as it didn't think that a demijohn was an appropriate answer to what is a glass fermenter and being in the UK it was not a confident guess that pale was the missing word in American ____ ale as I have virtually no knowledge of non UK beer.
BIABrewer wrote:The site can't run to an optimum level without your feedback so we really thank you for spending a bit more of your time contributing to this thread. Everything written in this thread by you is considered carefully.
Gosh this reads as though I'm an awkward so and so, but I am a brutally frank person in my everyday life and believe in saying what I think! I hope that my opinion does not cause offence nor be seen as froward.
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Hi jeltz, thanks so much for taking the time to give such a detailed response.

All of the points you have raised are valid and the admin team are aware of them. Rest assured that we are working hard to address and rectify them, where needed. The site is currently going through a re-write and the changes should be seen in the next few months.

If I can touch on just a couple of points you've made. You spoke of the difference in time zones and the length of time to have your post approved. We are still a young forum with very few admin/mods. We are endeavouring to have an admin or global moderator from each continent to try and alleviate these time zone differences. Unfortunately, these things take time. Finding the right people with the honesty and integrity we think are required takes some time for us.

You also mentioned that the registration process makes the forum seem aloof and over bearing and that one would need to be very careful not to get banned. We apologise for giving that impression, it's certainly not our intent. As 1 of the 4 founding members of this site I can assure you that we don't moderate posts very much at all and if we do it is only for aggressiveness or foul/inappropriate language. In the early days it was not unusual to need to delete 500+ spam posts a day. However since going to the verification process we now have, spam has become a thing of the past.

I'm sorry I haven't addressed all of your points in this post, but I hope I have at least made you feel a little easier about joining our community.

Again thank you for your detailed response and if you have any further queries or questions, please, fire away.
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No apology was sought or required, I was just giving a frank overview of how I found things as I appreciate that user feedback is important. I'm the kind of person that expects people to be frank and open with me rather than worry about hurting feelings and I tend to do the same, where I think its appropriate.

I hear you about spam, I have taken on an admin role for a forum for a UK charity and recently deleted 35,000 bogus accounts, which had registered over the last couple of years purely to populate their signature field with links for SEO purposes.

P.s. I do like the saintly username :)


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Brad, Thanks for your reply, and use of your time!! Well Done, Sir!
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The registration process was good and acceptable. I fully understand why admin would want to ensure that users of this site are responsible. Keep up the good work. It might take me a long time but I intend to read and digest all the information on here as I am new to BIAB.

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All in all, it was really quite painless. In fact, I learned a thing or two (and I did not cheat). I look forward to a well built and structured environment devoted to a subject we all apparently love...BEER!!! Cheers to all.

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1.) It seemed easy enough
2.) No
3.) i think i missed something along the way
4.) clean, safe and people with like interest who enjoy helping other in the hobby
5.) a metric to standard conversion table for us in North America. LOL
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