How Did You Find the Registration Process?

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BIABrewer is very interested to get your feedback on the registration process you have managed to wade your way through.

Please let us know your thoughts on things like the following...

1. Was the time it took to go through the process worthwhile?
2. Did you cheat? :)
3. Did you learn anything?
4. What impression did it leave you about the site culture?
5. Should we change anything?

The site can't run to an optimum level without your feedback so we really thank you for spending a bit more of your time contributing to this thread. Everything written in this thread by you is considered carefully.

Many thanks,

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1. It took more time than I expected. Was it worth it? I think so, time will tell.

2.I did skim some things ;)

3. I'm sure I did learn something, mostly about recipe formulation and that a lot of work has gone into making this place.

4. It should be a helpful, friendly site.

5. No.
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...ditto Hashie's post above!

There's a fair bit of reading in it, but on the whole it's a helpful introduction to what looks like being a great brewsite.
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Worked as advertised. Beggers can't be choosers. Where is the spel chekker?

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I just read through everything required in the registration process.

It takes about 25 minutes just to read let alone absorb!


The information is compartmentalised so hopefully it can act as a base so as people know where to quickly go if they get confused on an issue, policy or procedure.

Didn't see one thing that could actually be shortened but that might just be me.

If you have found the above or anything else of value on, consider supporting us by getting some BIPs!
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Hi All,

Took me about 10 minutes to register, reasonable I think.
(Probably took me a minute to come up with a password <= 10 chars)

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Post #9 made 8 years ago
I just wanna read about brewing stuff and I'm very impatient so I found it a bit frustrating. I learned a lot from the process though and am now glad that I persevered.
I'm sure it'll all be worth it.

Post #10 made 8 years ago
Registration was fine. I do think that you should mention that you can not download items i.e.; "The Calculator" until you are fully registered, by submitting your first posting and having it released. I will admit I was a little miffed at that, but I do like the idea that this is to be an active forum and in order to have that you need to encourage people to post and share there problems and/or expertise.

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Welcome aboard asuski ;),

I understand your frustration above and will look into re-writing some of the preliminary notices but the problem is where to put such a notice :)...

It is very hard to work out what to include in these preliminary notices. The more we add is more for people to read and most people these days, want, "instant," answers. The problem with this is that the same places that will give you instant answers are often the ones that will give you the worst or most confusing answers!

Creating a quality forum (especially a brewing forum) is not easy. Many of these difficulties are of no interest to many readers who are the ultimate beneficiaries.

The main body of a forum though comprises the members. A lack of quality in members is going to lead to a major lack in quality of information/enthusiasm on the forum. One primary aim we have therefore is to only have fully-registered members who can ask or answer questions with quality information and/or contribute to threads with enthusiasm.

We have created an infrastructure here that is very sound but can be improved on a lot. I, personally, can see many areas of improvement but doing these would be a full-time job! I'm sure we will get there one day.

It is not appropriate to have the downloadable files available to anyone but fully-registered members. The original guide to BIAB was forum-published. The forum changed its rules and so the guide could no longer be kept up to date. By this time, it had been copied around the world without corrections and updates. This has lead to a great drain of resources answering the same questions over and over again!

It is also very important to get quality feedback on anything written in "The Master Guide to BIABrewing." Having the files freely broadcast all over the net leads to a major mess! For example, many magazines etc have downloaded a previous guide and, due to a grammatical error, have equated BIAB with a different brewing method that is about 25% less efficient than BIAB whereas BIAB is extremely efficient!

asuski, thanks for your post above. Constructive criticism is what we really need. From the above, I hope you can see that we take it seriously ;).

Post back here if you have any further thoughts on the above,
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The actual registration was easy but I did find it confusing from there. I'm still not sure why I didn't have permission to look at all the site's info (like the calculator for instance) - perhaps I'm just too impatient to go through the infor carefully enough.

Anyway, I'm sure I'll work it out - just that time is limited during the day as I'm at work so I tend to rush.

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G'day macca77, the reason for not having full access to all of the site is to encourage active users. Now that you are registered and have made your "first post" you should have access to all you are looking for.

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Not criticising in any way, as I'm a guest here and wouldn't be critical when I'm not in my house :) but I have a feeling that the step is not encouraging active users, but possibly doing the opposite. I have read and understand why you do it, but still in this immediate internet connected instant gratification world....I have a feeling it's slowing things down. My blog, If you like what you read post a comment on the blog comments section thanks, BIAB post coming soon.

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EoinMag & macca77,

Thanks a heap for taking the time to give your feedback here. There will be many others who agree with your thoughts - myself and the moderators here included :).

I'm not sure if we have a good answer to the problem at the moment though.

Whilst you, me and everyone else would love to see the forum have a lot more active posters I think all of us also want to make sure that the tone and information on the forum is of high quality and spirit.

We might be able to increase the number of active posters by cutting out the step from newly registered members to fully registered members. The danger with doing this is mainly from spammers which chew up an incredible amount of administrative time on looser forums.

For now, I will put some thought into perhaps writing a bulk PM or two that can be sent to newly registered members and/or fully registered members asking them for some feedback via PM. If some good suggestions come from this, we could run a few polls to get some confirmation before we go making any major changes.

On reflection, this thread should have been a poll :).

Thanks again.

* Re the major downloadable files that make up the The Master Guide, my thinking is that they need to remain available only to members for the reasons I wrote towards the end of this post above.
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Frankly, I really liked the registration process. I enjoy active, vibrant forums as much information can be gleamed from them (and they are excellent for when work is slow :)). The registration process seems like one that will discourage lurking and increase activeness (not that there is anything wrong with lurking). While a bit time consuming, I think it is worthwhile. IMO you have a nice set-up for creating an active community that is both polite and knowledgeable.
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Hi Guys,

I probably had a similar initial experience to asuski - post #10, but in my case put it down to trying to assimilate info from a range of sources simultaneously rather than 'focusing'. Hence it was a bit frustrating bouncing around on the site, wondering why I couldn't download stuff, or actually post to the topics I was reading... Interactive my arse :?

Finally after a month I decided to re-read the home page, clicked on 'essentials', then the link to 'collecting site keys' and it all became clear DUH :oops: Maybe I'm not MENSA material afterall...

However, after re-reading the bits you ask people to read first... I fully appreciate what you are attempting to do, and think its fairly self explanatory (as long as you read the first bit - which is the point yeah?). Not sure how you could change it to make it more obvious, unless you can program the site to slap people if they don't click on the prelimiary posts :o

So, second time round... registration took about 20mins all up, and I did learn something along the way! Is this appropriate for the site? Well as far as I can tell, the membership base is increasing, it seems to have quite an international flavour, everyone here appear friendly and enthusiastic, so you must be doing something right. Well done :!:

...and thanks for putting so much effort and thought into this :D

Post #20 made 8 years ago
Many thanks to SacSoul, EoinMag, etml12 and widdley,

The hardest thing about this site is getting a feel for how you are finding it. For each of you who post, there are probably twenty or more who don't.

A few people have written to BIABrewer asking why files are not downloadable so widdley you are not alone :)!

Perhaps we should bulk PM/email Newly Registered Members explaining how to become, "Fully Registered Members," and have access to all the files etc.???

Any thoughts on how we should go about this guys?

Once again, to all of you, many thanks for taking the time above.

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the rego process was fairly mild but OMG. trying to make a first post!!!! Who designed this part of the process? Einstein?. I really wanted to be a part of this BIAB phenominum but I really am ready to chuck the towel in on this "first post issue
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Post #22 made 8 years ago
croeso wrote:"Not happy Jan!!"
LOL croeso.

I have just sent you a PM explaining the process and where you can read up on the reasoning behind the registration process. It is important that all Registered Members are familiar with Essentials.

Look forward to seeing your "real" first post in this thread.

It's a bit of mucking around but after reading through the info linked above, hopefully you'll find it all worthwhile.

Cheers to you,
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Post #23 made 8 years ago
I just registered and it was quick and simple. I was not forced to read all the material you mention beforehand so maybe you have changed the registration pathway? I am reading it all now anyway after having seen this topic.

Looking forward to the specific nature of the site rather than trawling through AHB looking for BIAB applicable tips.

Beer for all and all for beer.

Post #25 made 8 years ago

Rego is fairly straight forward - I like how it seems like someone is actually at the other end (i.e needing to intro post, post being approved by admin)

it makes you feel like your being welcomed into an exclusive club.

I was confused as to why I couldnt access the calculator or if my post being approved was the reason ( I was pretty sure, I just really wanted to get my hands on that spreadsheet)

but it forced me to look around.

nice place :)
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