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ADMINNOTE: See post #3 below but please use this thread to make a note of any posts or threads that you find particularly useful on

The thread titled Sewing a Truncated Bag is excellent work by Mr Jadkowski. I dont know if many noticed but Bionut has added some additional excellent work in post #24.

The excel spreadsheet he made will make the bag process much easier for those who are math challenged like me?

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Over Christmas and New Year, BIABrewer will be aiming to spend as much time as possible firstly re-structuring the site into a far more logical and useful order so as any brewer will be able to quickly find the information that is personally relevant to them.

Once this is done, we intend to either copy or re-write the best information on the site into the appropriate section and level.

Could you please use this thread* to post links to posts or threads that you found particularly useful or enlightening? Also, please try to give some detail as to why you found them so.

BIABrewer is also looking at rewarding members who actively contribute to the site so posting to this thread regularly will help us, down the track, to give you a little thanks. More importantly though, this thread provides a very easy way for you to say thanks to someone who has made, or is making, a real difference to you.


* Alternatively, use The Guest Thread
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One thing that might be included is a page that has easy and reliable recipes in BIABacus or plain text. We seem to have a lot of new brewers that post a recipe and ask "how about this? Is it OK for BIAB?" It gets tiresome to proof read these recipes and say "OK"? A page with the "top ten" BIAB recipes that are easy, standard ingredients and low cost. A catchy title to draw new BIAB'ers to it. Just food for thought.
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PPs Classic info post from "First BIAB - confused on Strike Water/Mash volume"

The above link is to a post written by PP that is a great help for newbies and old hands who should know better :argh: :lol:

It covers the following:

1. Inconsistent answers from software.
2. Ambiguous terminology on other boards and in other software.
3. Inconsistent answers on other boards.
4. Faulty Recipes (even though written in a book!)
5. An initially scary looking spreadsheet.

Its worthy of a sticky but is being "Parked " here awaiting the new restructure.

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May I second Lumpy5oh's post.

I tool have added all of these Brewday measurements to BIABacus. There are a lot, plus the actions from Get the kit out, to Final wash up. It may take some of the spontaneity out of it, but I mess up less, and find a gentle comfort in just following my 'Pre Flight' list.

And it prints out nicely via the Print Report section, so I don't get sticky stuff on my iPad :)

Definitely worth thinking about for those still learning the ropes as I am
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