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One thing which I would love to see in the next version of the BIABacus is a slight tweak to the "Recipe Report" tab.

Would it be possible to have in the "Volumes and Gravities" section the Kettle fill height?

I find myself the day before brew day printing out the Recipe report and having to write in the fill height for that section.

BTW love BIABacus and would struggle to brew without it!

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Hey Bung,

Can't do the heights/headspace in the Recipe Report as the Recipe Report is the sort of thing you would publish online. Adding a separate brew day report makes the BIABacus too big (in the official release coming up, we've had to actually split the BIABAcus into two files) and what you want in your report will be differnt form the next brewer.

What I have done in the next one as a compromise given the limitatiosn of the spreadsheet form, is made the top of The Checklist, now look like the below so, if you print your Recipe Report and your checklist, you should be okay (as long as you don't have any full volume variations or want headspace :)).

Glad your going well with it Bung :thumbs:.

I better stop writing on forum and go and write some BIABacus help instead!
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