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[I don't often get time to write on the forum as "Pat". Today is a day where I am attempting to catch up.]
Homemade wrote:Judging by the post dates, this thread passed by months ago.
Many thanks to you Homemade for your post and to all the others above.

Time has flown by and I'm ashamed to see that I have not individually acknowledged the posts above as yet; my brain can't keep up with all of you :). You don't go unnoticed though, whether they be joshua's suggestions in post #5, or real community posts such as your's Homemade.

Homemade, you asked about financial contributions and renewals. From what I see, those who do donate financially don't need to, and, those that don't, should. It is automated that anyone here who donates $5 or more becomes a Donor. That's cool for me as I don't have to do anything! Anyone who donates $25, I have to manually change their status and, I always write to them, thanking them. (Some readers should check their PM box as some of my thankyou PM's still haven't been opened by them). One or two members have tried to make donations that I have refunded as they either exceeded $100 in total donations or I thought they contribute already enough on the actual forum. The only exception to this was one of the very few members (three, in total, from memory) who I banned from the site. I accepted his donation as he cost me so much time. He is still banned and we still correspond :). Might even let him back in soon :think:.

The real point of the above is that it is usually the members who are already contributing their enthusiasm and/or expertise to the forum that make financial donations. For me, that is a tad unfair. On the other side of the coin are a few readers who either post rarely or not at all and make a donation. I really like those as it makes me think the site is making a difference to them.

On a final note, I'm very grateful to all the brewers who have "communed" here. I think/hope that every new member has been made to feel welcome. I'm very aware that the current site format/layout is not user-friendly and has many gaps, but, am also aware that those who do ask a question will be treated with respect and, also, will often get a laugh from any answers they are given. I'm also aware that some members give clear answers and a few member's answers might be confusing or very long. I'm very confident though that anyone will get a quality answer here faster than anywhere else.

The new site is being designed to give fast, quality answers to any brewer. For me personally, the hardest bit of the new site structure is working out a rating system for members. I can obviously show representations of the dollars anyone contributes (anyone who has contributed here, don't worry, your funds will be transferred) but enthusiasm, knowledge, and high-quality posts are much harder to apply an algorithm to.

Thanks again,

A quick shout-out to Rick. He's not only creating excellent graphics for the new site, but, is also currently acting, unwittingly, as a sounding board in the areas I am struggling.
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Rick wrote:It really is funny this place, how slow moving it can be .. yet it's my greatest brewing asset to date. What lacks in quantity ... certainly is made up in quality individuals.

I haven't been posting as much as usual, mainly due to holiday stuff and restructuring at work (I was unofficially "promoted" in June, and have taken on much more responsibility).

Total of three brew days in 2015 (starting in May due to a move), which doesn't seem like much but my capacity was also slightly increased to an average of 1bbl per brew session as of a few weeks ago. I look forward to the new aesthetic and layout, and plan on contributing more and more as things settle at work once again.
I tend to come to the website periodically without logging in, hadn't seen a few messages as a result - including the request to stick the nose into this thread. 
But I wholeheartedly agree with Rick here, it's my greatest brewing asset.  

Re: All the best for 2016.

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I like the site more than I do sites that have a huge amount of traffic
I stop by all the time and browse to gather information, good information.
What I find about the large sites is they are trying to protect their size, and numbers, and show that to advertisers. In doing such they allow the water of bad information to overflow and water down the sites good information. Soon stuff like, you do not have to do that, I never do that and you cannot tell the difference, and soon everyone is discussing how good their beers are and how all the work others do does not equal anything. The result is instead of telling guys how to make the best beer possible, they tell guys just do whatever they please so that they have the biggest site out there.

So when I started to BIAB, after many years of doing 3 vessel brewing, I wanted someone to tell me what they do, not what they don't have to do because they are to lazy to do it all. I am about to do my 5th batch since coming here. My last 2 batches have hit target, they are super clear, taste fantastic, and are to the quality I had when using my old HERMs system.

But to get there, I had to listen to guys telling me what I was doing wrong, send me links, question some of my techniques. I was kind of irked because I am an experienced brewer, but I am not an experienced BIAB brewer so I listened, I read, and I did as suggested. Blamo, I got the results of years of experience that came from the guys who built this site.

I wonder if we had as big of a posting base as the big Homebrew site if our information would be as bad as theirs is
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Re: All the best for 2016.

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uys once I find a way to post pics, I want to show you the clarity of the beers I have been brewing BIAB since I joined.

I just did a continental lager, no filtering, just my 4 step infusion BIAB that is so clear I am stoked like a beginner brewer. Being a lager head one thing we love to show off is clear beers.

Hos I not found this site, and not listened to the advice I was given in my troubleshooting thread I would still be upset about conversions and trying to do as I did 3 vessel. The information here is great. If you get upset about having your wings clipped, well this is not the site. but if you will read what those who have figured it out are doing, humble yourself to accept experience, strive to do the best you can, then this site rocks harder than ACDC.
Temperance is for those who cannot hold their liquor :drink: :drink:
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