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I see the collaboration you are talking about beginning here, and it does not look like you are being disrespected in any way.

There are too many brewers getting excellent efficiency with a single crush for "double crushing" to be standard practice. If you think about it, the mill gap could be tightened up to produce a better initial crush. While double crushing might work, it's a band-aid fix that creates more work for a brewer.

We truly care about your time, and our advice is going to reflect what are considered to be best practices. "Stand on the shoulders of giants ... " is how I looked at it as a beginner.

It would be sad to see you go, but we're not always going to cater to what one wants to hear. We are an information site, first and foremost ... so we try extra hard to get things as correct as possible.
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Reeflifeglass, I will make your account inactive as we do not delete accounts.

I'll also close this thread and your other thread.

This site is diligent at giving members the highest quality information. Experienced members strive to come across as friendly and welcoming, their intent is always aimed at making your life easier and saving you time and money. No one here intends to be condescending, quite the opposite.

Anyone is most welcome to PM me or any other member of The Team if they have any questions on this.
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