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Meeting up with fellow brewers in your area can be invaluable so it is a good idea to be familiar with the major brewing forums in your region. If you find through these forums an event that has not been posted already in our BIAB - Region Specific Topics then please start a topic under the appropriate region with a link to the relevant place on the other forum. If someone has placed an open invite to an event on another forum, you should, of course, join that forum and make it known that you would like to attend. After you have attended, please let us know how the event was.

Every brewing forum varies in quality of information and culture. Be aware that some information on BIAB contained in other forums may be incorrect, out of date or wrong. Be sure to follow information and guides on BIABrewer as these are heavily checked and kept up to date.

The following forums are the most active ones. Please let us know of other forums as there are many regions/countries missing from the list below.

Australia & New Zealand: AussieHomeBrewer. This is a very active site and has some classic annual social events in each state. It is also the home of the original BIAB threads started in 2006 and the original guide (now out of date)so there are a lot of BIABrewers on this forum.

U.S.A.: The Brewing Network. This is another large forum with lots of information and social events. Dan Walker wrote an easy to follow BIAB guide for U.S. residents in 2007 so there are quite a few BIABrewers on this forum as well.

Looking forward to adding your suggestions here,
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