Kia ora from East of the Tasman

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Just thought I'd say hi from NZ and wondered how many other NZ BIABers there are on here.

Has anyone got any experience with Gladfield Malt? My local store has most of their grain in, so plan on making an ale using their Toffee malt on top of a base with additional Rye for body and head retention. This would be my first attempt at BIAB (and won't get chance until the first weekend in Feb).

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Hey Woodchip,
I'm on the sunny Kapiti Coast (sunny today at least).. and generally use Gladfields now for most of my brewing. Their ale malt is fine with crystals etc but on the odd occasion I SMASH or use little else than a base I still use Golden Promise. Only had one or two with Toffee in it I think... Its quite light i thought I should put a decent amount in, but also quite sweet for the colour so when I use it in the future I'll use less of it in the brew than I think I should. Happy Brewing.

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Hey Woodchip,

I'm up here in Auckland :) Only been BIABing since last July but I've got 7 under my belt and love the process.

Iv'e only used Gladfield malt once, it was the ale malt, but it was a good brew so wouldn't have a problem recommending that grain.

Let us know how you get on with your first BIAB :thumbs:


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Hi, another kiwi BIABer here, although a pretty new one - only 2 under my belt so far.

I can't really compare Gladfields to other grains, being new to AG/BIAB. Interested to hear what others have to say.
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