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A HBS in cairns itself I don't know.
However there a large number of popular and reputable online, mail order suppliers that would be happy to service your needs......for grain etc.
You could check with a well known Brisbane based supplier of the craft, what freight would cost.

Hope this little helps

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hey lemon

I was very surprised actually that there are no local supplies of grain, especially pale malt....even the local brewery uses extract !, i'll have a look online for deliverys
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:think: Hey slash,
That sounds very strange. Surely it would be cheaper to source the sugar from grain than extract, even factoring the freight.
Not to mention how sore you would get opening all those cans.
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slash wrote:i've just moved to Cairns for Nunzed, anyone know of a good grains supplier, I'm looking into it at the moment
Even better Slash, there's a small but keen brew club in Cairns. I'll PM you my email and I'll get you in touch with the guys, there's a six monthly large grain buy at excellent rates.

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