Re: Does BIAB differ in Chemistry from Traditional Brewing?

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Wort Clarity

BIAB can give a higher volume of wort into the kettle depending on bag porosity and grain crush. In these instances, BIAB will give more trub and therefore a cloudier wort into but not out of the boil. At the end of the boil, with correct rub management, the clarity is exactly the same as a batch-sparged beer.

A cloudy wort in the boil is nothing to worry about. One high quality information source has written here that a less clear wort into the boil actually produces a better beer. This is great scientific news for BIAB but BIABrewers should aim to become leaders in trub management. There is currently very little information on trub measurement and management amongst traditional home brewers let alone BIABrewers.

Lower clarity into the boil is not an issue in the clarity, stability or flavour of the resulting beer, in science and reality, for both traditional or BIAB beers.
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