Purpose of longer/shorter boil times

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I have been reading up on boil time to try and find out why you use a 90 min instead of 60. I found this article.
http://byo.com/stories/item/1650-wort-b ... ew-science

The info on hot break and cold break is debatable but still very interesting. The main point for me is that boiling can help break down sugars further but it can also effect colour.

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I have been reading up on boil time to try and find out why you use a 90 min instead of 60.
I boiled 60 minutes because that's what the books and internet said to do. But I found that the extra time boiling made my beer clearer and drove off the DMS precursors that sometimes cause the canned corn flavor. It took a little longer and I used more propane but that gave me more time to drink beer while waiting. Clearly a benefit!

I don't worry about changing the beers color because I can't taste color and rarely enter competitions anymore. I entered beers four times and have four medals (not all first's) So I just brew for me now! Besides if I lose? I won't be "four for four anymore" I did enter a cider this year and didn't place, but that's a cider! I am still good!

If I have a small grain bill (list of grains) I may only boil sixty minutes or so. Like everything else I do it is "shoot from the hip". Good article. I kept it. Thanks!
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Just thought I'd throw in my experience (from a relative newbie - less than 10 AG brews).

I boil for 90 mins, why because both BB and PP said so, and I came here to learn.

My schedule is:

- A 90 min boil
- 3 weeks in the fermentor (2 weeks usually allows fermentation to complete, plus an extra week to clear wort)
- 4 weeks in the bottle (min)

All my beers have been crystal clear, whether by luck or ...... I don't know, but happy to keep to a 90 min boil.

I hope this helps, coming from not a technical but purely experience point of view.

I know from my own experience getting advice from the Gurus such as BB & PP mixed with experiences from others brewers helped me learn.

Love the link PP, thanks
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