Can't bring new BIAB kettle to the boil on stove

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I was using a 19 litre Big W stock pot for my 11 litre batches.

But I had trouble fitting everything in with higher gravity beers and didn't really like the flimsy nature of the pot. Plus, the latter aspect made holding mash temperatures more difficult.

So recently I bought a new 25 litre pot, much heavier in construction, and mashing in it was a definite improvement. Much more thermal mass meant less fussing over temperatures.

However the downside of this became apparent when bringing to the boil — I never could really get a rolling boil going. So part way through I dumped the wort back to the 19 litre pot and continued the boil at a decent rate.

So now I'm looking for an alternative to boiling in my heavy new pot. I could mash in the new pot and boil in the old pot, but this seems to go against the single-vessel simplicity of BIAB. Plus it means double the cleaning, not that that's a huge job really.

As far as I can see it, I can use an immersion heater (but read stories about these giving too much power so that the boil is too violent) or maybe a small propane burner? Not sure what other options I can use to get my new heavy pot up to a decent boil.

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Have you seen THIS thread rsandilands?

Well worth looking at the videos in that.
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Do you have your kettle insulated? I put camping mats or something like that around my kettle. Just take care that it cant burn.

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