Adding salts/minerals to boiled water?

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Hi Guys,

I live in Auckland and our water supply is pretty good other than approx. .8 to 1.3 ppm of chlorine. As I work for a water company I'm in the process of getting my hands on a activated carbon filter to treat the water before using to brew but in the meantime I'll boil the water the night before. My question is, do I need to add anything to the liquor after boiling/passing through a filter?

I'm not too concerned with re-creating famous water profiles yet so any info would be much appreciated.



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Erl, if your water tastes okay, I really wouldn't venture into water adjustments at this stage. Assuming you have the basics under control, quality recipes would be the next step. You can boil your water before if it does taste 'chloriney' but I must say that I wonder if that is even necessarry seeing as you will be boiling that water for 90 minutes anyway. (That prior sentence is a musing and could be totally wrong advice but I really do wonder about this).

As for filters, it depends on what filter you are using. For example, an RO filter will pretty much strip everything from the water so you definitely nee to add back. A charcoal filter might ge rid of some chlorine but would it get rid of chloramines? Playing with this type of stuff can often really distract from the major things such as ingredients and temperatures.

I think for now, and for a long time into the future, just focus on the first sentence here.

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Have you looked into using campden tablets to reduce chlorine? I crush half a tablet into my kettle before heating the water.
Edit:I see from another thread that campden tablets are not an option in your opinion. Sorry.
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If there is chlorine in the water just letting it sit out overnight should off gas most of it. Pre-boiling the water should do the trick too. The boiling of the wort will not do the trick as my understanding is that the offending compounds are created in the mash and do not become denatured in the boil. Chloramines are a different beast, supposedly Activated carbon filters will work if given sufficient contact time. They recommend flow rate of less than 1 US gallon per minute. Campden tablets is the only other solution to chloramines.
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