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Hi Folks,

Finally got to brewing again, and this time was able to do some pH testing with the Duotest paper. 15 minutes into the mash, I measured a hot sample (69C), and the same sample at room temperature. The reading was the same, at about 5.7. Brun Water estimated 5.5, so I added 2ml of lactic acid (88%) to the mash, which brought the pH down to 5.4.

So I think going forward, I'm going to take the pH readings at mash temperature.


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It sounds like you know what your doing! pH is important. I ignored it when I started brewing. Now I record it and try to amend it each brew.
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BrickBrewHaus is online Bob! He should have something great to add here. In the meantime, you go and check the Chat :lol:.

BDP, I must say that I find the Duotest paper a hell of a lot more consistent (and easier) than my pH meter reardless of temp.

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Just my 2 (euro)cents :p
Best and quickest way is to use decent test papers. And it comes from somebody, who was using pH meters. For us it's really the best and convenient way to take measurements.
This plus monitoring water 'source' stats (they can change during the year), should result in comfy solution for enzymes to break the starches :)
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