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MS, one leg tilts off to one side, a two leg triangle mount will be like a swing, and a tripod mount would hold it level......

But, My Hop strainer is just a bag installed like the BIAB bag with out any mounts.

So, I like the "Tarzan" swing though!
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MS - I just looked at your video for the first time. First thought was "that makes a heck of a lot more sense" than going through the effort to build a hop spider, which was in the plans... I've already got a hook installed, for pulley above bag where I brew outside on the patio. Next thought was "why not just hang the hop bag (sans ring) from the pulley...?" May have to tie it or it could fall off...

Currently I use a fairly course bag attached to the side of the pot. Works pretty well with flower hops normally used. Every 20-30 minutes I'll "dunk the hops" in the center of the pot; wave them around in the boiling pot then reattach to the side. My thought is the bag in the middle should work a little better than on the side of the pot...but the current system works pretty well too.
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