low cost DIY hop spider

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So I made a hop spider today, was super simple/easy and cheep. I had most of he bits already, heres what you need.

- Rope
- 5" to 4" extractor fan reducer
- voile hop sock with drawstring
- short length of syphon tube


step ONE
drill 4 holes equal distance apart through the narrow part of the reducer.
step TWO
take to pieces of rope of equal length thread each end through the holes and tie a knot in the ends.


step THREE
Take a piece of syphon tube and cut to the same length as the circumference of the widest part of the reducer.
Make an incision along the entire length of the tube and push over the edge of the reducer. This will prevent the hop sock from skaging on the sharp edge of the reducer.


step FOUR
push the open end of your hop sock with drawstring through the reducer like in the pic above.


fold bag over edge of reducer and pull drawstring tight

There you have it!


This cost me a total of £3.50 the only bit I needed was the reducer. Hope this helps someone looking for a cheep way to make a spider and hopefully I wont be burning my hands in steam any longer.
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I've actually used this one before. The plastic does not melt as PET has melting point of around 250 °C (482 °F). I am mostly brewing 3 gallon batches, and I've noticed that when I do really hoppy brews, the bag gets a little bit stretched. But I guess a bigger will allow the liquid to extract more flavor.

Better angle. The hop bag looked really small in other images.
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A hop bomb's worth of soggy hops may absorb too much liquid and pull off the bag? So make sure the bag is attached well. Also the moist steam may (Sticky`fie) the hops as they enter the restricted neck and clog. Good luck and keep the brain churning out ideas. (note: most new ideas are in the fourth or fifth version?)

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