Is there any point in using aroma/noble hops for bittering?

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As I understand it, hops added in the beginning of the brew mostly contribute to bitterness - other flavors diminish due to the heat and time spent in the kettle. Still I see many recipes calling for early additions (sometimes even as FWH) of noble hops, when in fact one could use a fraction of the amount by adding bittering hops, such as magnum, with over twice the %AA. This saves money, both because bittering hops are cheaper (at least where I live) but also due to the fact that you use less.

Is the reason simply because they didn't have any high %AA hops available or am I missing something?

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Kanga, The FWH Method Does have a "Flavor" Addition, But, Not as Strong as Hop Stand Does.

If you Brew a LOT, the Nobles Like Fuggles, do not cost $$$$$$.

Then you can Join the discussion about How LONG do Hops Keep the AA%
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That was cheap. Where I live (Sweden) one pack of 100 gram hops range from $6-$8.5, and $3.5 for bittering hops (which in addition have more %AA per $). If you buy larger quantities, you might save 1$/package.

BTW, magnum cost the same amount of money on that site but it will last twice as long, so the price is actually half that of fuggles when compared as bittering addition. :)

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Traditionally some of the higher AA hops were not available. Some folks want to stay true to some historical styles so they will use these lower AA hops.
I personally us Magnum unless I am brewing a pilsner or something else that calls for low bitterness.
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