IBU Additions with BIAB

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Hello all, I have a question perhaps you folks can help me with . I am brewing a beer that after calculating the grain absorption i will start with 8.5 gallons . I lose 2 gallons per hour to boil off and want to end the boil with 6.5 gallons of which i will transfer 5.5 to my fermenter.So boiling 60 minutes would give me the 6.5 gallons in theory. I want the finished beer to have around 20 /25 IBU bitterness so how can i calculated how much of a given AA unit hops to add at the beginning of my 60 minute boil to end with the 20 IBU at 605 gallons? Is it as simple as using the 6.5 gallons as the basis for my hop edition? Or am i missing something :think:
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Re: IBU Additions with BIAB

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Like Scott said, BIABacus is the spreadsheet that does all the calculations for you. :peace:

But if you want to quickly run a calculation this is Glenn Tinseth's online calculator.

http://realbeer.com/hops/bcalc_js.html" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;
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