Lupulin Powder

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Has anyone had time to research this?

I had a Feral Finn Diesel here in Ozland last week and loved it. I just received an email that said,
Feral Finn Diesel IPA

Inhale the intoxicating exhaust of pine, perfume and citrus as this rust bucket of a beer shudders and backfires sweet, heady fumes deep into the atmosphere.
A front and centre stage for the new-to-market hop product Lupulin Powder, Finn Diesel uses both Simcoe and Citra extracts throughout multiple stages of the brewing process to showcase the vast potential of the newly released substance in a delicious large-scale brew.
I've never heard of lupulin powder before so if anyone knows anything, I'd love to hear about it.
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From what I have read, they use a cryogenic process to strip the flowers of the resins and oils, this process leaves flower leafs that are not bitter and a powder that has all that we want the flowers for.

It is being marketed by YCH hops. they tout that there is no loss while dry hopping using the powder because the leaves are not there to absorb beer. They claim intense flavor and aroma can be introduced to the beer.

YCH is calling it Cyro hops
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Re: Lupulin Powder

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The CRYO HOPS LupuLN2 samples given at HomeBrew CON last week are pellets not power. (not sure if powder is for commercial use or pressed into pellets) EKUANOT alpha: 22.8%, beta: 7.7% and SIMCOE alpha: 23.8%, beta:7.9%.
CASCADE, CITRA, and MOSAIC will also be offered in this form.
They are recommended for late kettle additions, whirlpool, and dry hopping.
The estimated dosing rate for LupuLN2 hop pellets is 50% of T90 hop pellets by weight.
The YCHHOPS representatives didn't offer any more info than what is on their flyers and website.
They may be available next month.
I'm sure we will learn more after we actually brew with them.
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