First wort hopping experiments

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My First Wort Hopping experiments

If you ar following the FWH thread you see I have doen some experiments in this system, It highly interest me as I do like hops, but I do not like hash hops.

I am not a scientist, I do not even know how to measure how harsh hops can be except blind testing.

So I am doing just that, I have 4 friends who are trying to identify which beers are what, how I brew is I make 5 gallons of wort, divide that and do one FWH and the other I add at the onset of the boil. my testing is I put 4 beers in front of each of 4 testers, 2 of each beer, each one has to identify the 2 beers pairs that are the same and then what the differences are.

So far I am doing lighter hopped styles, 1 rye blonde ale, one American light beer and one German style lager, in these I have 2 testers able to identify the 2 pairs, what the difference was, not how I did it, but that it smother in bittering, One tester could not get the pairs right, but could tell that at least one was not as bitter, the last is still learning his palate. I have huge hopes that as the last guy moves on he will be able to tell the most as he is the guy with the least tasting experience so if he does start noticing something, then he will justify the experiments.

My forth beer is in the fermentation closet, it is a American premium style beer.

After that I will do a Vienna then a Bock, then I am going to do Ales.

I started this thread as I wanted to record the results. as of now we have
2 experiemced testers saying that the matched pairs have a smoother pair, that they point out and it is the FWHed beer
1 medium guy saying that one of the beers is smoother but can not properly match the pairs
1 novice guy is still getting up to identify how hops

I will keep this thread current as I test beers. I do see a trend developing, but as the styles first being tasted are lightly hopped I think nce I move into ales we will see a bigger trend, if any.
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