My First BIAB - Stove top 10 litre batch

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I have always brewed from kits – I got the bug from my Dad over 30 years ago, but hadn’t brewed for a while until 2 – 3 years ago. I could afford better kits now so started to use 2 can “premium” kits like Woodforde Wherry. I brewed this for Christmas 2015 along with a nostalgic budget kit for comparison. Both were drinkable but the Wherry was great – a beautifully clear, deep ruby red and somehow, they lasted until October.  Actually, there is still a bit of the budget kit left!
It struck me that kit brewing is a curious hobby – I spent a lot of time cleaning and sanitising but the creativity and crafting was limited to boiling a kettle twice and stirring with style.
I have been reading on the forum for a while and decided mini BIAB – 10 litre batches on the stove top would give me the opportunity to experiment with reasonable batches.  The attached file documents my experience of first time BIAB - any advice would be really appreciated.
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