DAD GUMMIT !!!! Just keeping it clean

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Sat, went to local brew store ,crushed my grains and got everything needed . Sunday grabbed my RO . Daughter had volleyball practice Monday at 8 am so I can get my mash going, pick her up , mash would finish 30 minutes later.. :thumbs: :thumbs: :thumbs: Pulled everything out , WHOOPS ...........No gypsum , no calcium chloride , just epsom salts... Using RO water .OF COURSE, all the home brewing stores in my area (6) are closed on Monday.. Tuesday was annual dad / daughter fishing day with friends , now waiting till 10 am to pick up what I need.. Oh forgot .. #5 daughter has volleyball camp at local University Thurs - Sat . Gonna be a late day brewing today....
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Re: DAD GUMMIT !!!! Just keeping it clean

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I remember all of the many volleyball camps and practices... Then in high school added clubs to the mix. Then elite clubs and travel for competition. And the expense... Very good memories though. And as I think you know, volleyball took my girl to your state of Florida - across the nation from me. 3 years later and a she's no longer playing volleyball. Married a soccer player who had graduated, lives in Orlando, and is now attending UCF. And my wife is saying, "I don't want to be an absentee grandparent..." But I like Oregon. And we have a son too, stationed at Fort Lewis, Washington...fairly close. I know you both love Florida, and it's a great place to visit. Who knows...I could wind up there too. But it is HOT and humid, most craft breweries are not quite at the same level as those in Oregon IMHO, and there are no mountains. :dunno: And I would have to seriously amend the water to brew a good Pilsner (not needed with my wonderfully soft Willamette Valley water here in Oregon). ;)

Hope your brew day went well, along with the daughter / dad fishing trip. :thumbs: You've got to take some time for life only comes around once. But always keep extra brewing supplies on hand. :)
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Re: DAD GUMMIT !!!! Just keeping it clean

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Richard....5 daughters ....#4 at FSU ... YEP we were rabbits , even in our 40's... :lol: :lol: :lol:
Scott... yep all those days I thought were over are now coming around again with a different daughter. UCF is actually a good school...not terribly far from me. I'm a mechanic so if they need help , let me know. Usually have everything on hand , but went braindead and did not be anal like normal & triple check to make sure.. Dad/daughter fishing was fantastic though.

Brew day got worse as it went on. Start /stop/start/start . Oh the horrors.....including running out of propane 1 minute after adding 7 minute hops...
Fortunately , I was close enough... Bad news was 9pm when I finished... This one will be my 1st No Chill try.
Will post more tomorrow after taking daughter to camp.
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