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I have only ever brewed 2 can kits and have always been slightly disappointed. The brew would be OK for my consumption but I would never offer a bottle to anyone else because deep down I knew that it wasn't up to standard. This is what has lead me to go all grain, I have never tried an all grain home brew before but it has got to be better than the kits. So after a number of weeks ordering bits and pieces online and asking for kit for my birthday it is now brew day. The tools made available on this forum are invaluable, I used the BIABacus for my recipe that i got out of a home brewing book by Greg Hughes. I had a dry run the day before just to see all my equipment worked ok , luckily I did because my kettle leaked at the tap and my homemade chillier was too small. The brew day it self went really well with no major mistakes, i hope the beer turns out ok. See bellow the BIABacus file and some brew day pictures.
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Congratulations, Goonoli! :clap:
It was good to test your equipment to find the leak that might have caused big problems :salute:
Chilling rates are a whole separate topic; whatever you did is going to work, so you can relax.
Now comes the hard part - waiting.
The BIABacus file looks fine, but the photos have not appeared.
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Re: First BIAB Batch

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Goonoli wrote:
2 years ago
Here are the pics from yesterday. Looking at the beers today it seems to have got darker. Not sure why, any suggestions?
Yep mate don't take beer darkness in the fermenter seriously. Your yeast and time will change the beer a lot. You'll be amazed how what you siphon out will look a lot lighter. If you pour a pint and it's a heck of a lot darker than you were expecting then it'll be time to check your recipe but I'm betting that won't happen

Let us know?
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