Arduino controllers for mash and FV temp

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Morning All.

I'm would like to put together temperature controllers for mash and for fermentation using an arduino.

My son can take care of the coding and I'm going to do the physical build,it seems straight forward 2 x SSR plus a good temperature probe.

I can find Lots of discussion of PDI programming/tuning but very little on the actual build. I would like it to have a simple digital display and set up via panel buttons.

Can you recommend a probe type and point me to schematic/ circuit diagram?

Many thanks. Aamcle
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I've had a look at probes a while ago as I thought of doing something similar with my raspberry pi. I then had a beer, or two, and the feeling of wanting to do it passed :blush:.

That being said, the preferred (accuracy and response times) probes seems to be the PT100 but it also seems to be a PIA to connect and interface with?! The other probe type is the NTC thermocouple (google "ntc thermocouple"). I believe that this is the probe used on most of the control units used by home brewers. I found this site on the interweb that seems to provide a diagram for connecting a NTC to a arduino Linky.

Hope it helps!

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Arduino controllers for mash and FV temp

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Check this thread from our Yankeeland friends: ... or-340294/

And basically, for the sensors you'd like to use digital ones, at 1Wire standard (most preferabe/implemented/loved DS18B20 or DS18S20).

Also, there're some other threads concerning using different controllers (RasPi, Teensy etc). website got interesting ideas, just for inspiration :)

I'm trying to assemble some fermenting/net monitoring setup with RasPi :)

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I have gone quite a long way to coding an Arduino to control a mash temperature and time. I have also been playing around with timing and alarms for hop additions during the boil. The status is shown on a 16 x 4 LCD disply.

I agree with mirogster that the DS18B20 or DS18S20 are the way to go, much more accurate. I have enclosed mine in a 500mm length of stainless steel tube which has been TIG welded closed at one end, a 5 to 6mm internal dia tube will fit the probe complete with heat shrink insulating the wires from the probe. I have also sealed the cable entry with heat shrink.

I use the same setup to control the fermentation temperature. Probe in the wort, heat band around the fermenter all in a fridge but using an off the shelf controller.

My biggest problem at the moment is mounting it all, social secretery loves my beer but has me busy doing other things.

Once it is all done and dusted (and tested) I am happy to pass the code on provided the open source nature of Arduino is adhered to ie. no profits from my work!

I am thinking of using an immersion heater but I am hesitant after reading that it may scorch the wort. Does anyone have any input on this?

Thanks in anticipation.
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