First brew day on my electric BIAB setup

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I've been reading this forum for years while extract brewing. Earlier this year I decided to pull the trigger and build an electric BIAB setup. I finally finished with it a month ago and brewed my first brew a few weeks ago. A Sam Adams Alpine Spring clone. From start to finish it took a little under 4:00 from pulling out the kettle to getting the fermentation bucket into my chamber and the cleaned kettle back into the corner of the garage where it stays. Thank you to everyone here for the knowledge and inspiration to finally ditch the propane tank forever!
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Thank you to everyone here but the knowledge and inspiration to finally ditch the propane tank forever!
I take total credit, your welcome! Thanks for doing the actual brewing and cleanup! Please deliver the beer and leave it at my garage door!

P.S. If it's raining? leave the beer inside the garage!

P.S.P.S. Nice picture! Congratulations and lets hear more from you! :champ:
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