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My automation project is moving on (slowly) and I have or have ordered nearly all the bits I need to enable me to do step mashes in an electric urn.

But I'm struggling with one big issue how to get reliable temp measurements.

My initial thought is to use a humping great stirrer, but it would be big expensive and probably heavy. Another possibility is to use a pump and just swill some of the liquid about.

How do you get good readings? What has been tried and works?

Many Thanks. Aamcle
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A few folks on this forum found that a pump is probably over kill for BIAB. They had problems and abandoned it. Some people use a old ice cream stirrer to stir mash. The speed is about right and all you have to do is mount it on a board and lay it across the pot. I just use a 90 minute mash and maybe stir a couple of times.

For reliable temp measurements I use more than on thermometer. I use a digital that I can calibrate. I have a built in (bi-metal) probe in my keggel and a long (10?inch) probe to check the center of my mash. All three read about the same so I average them.
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