Simple wiring diagram of a 2 circuit rotor selector

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Hi all
My build is starting to take shape. I have an electrical housing box coming with an SCT-1000 and I have also ordered a 2 circuit rotor selector that I want to switch from mashing with the SCT and potentially a recirculating pump, then over to a full boil directly connected to the two heating pot is 72ltr. I hope to have everything plugged into a double outlet at the rear of the electrical housing and wanted to simply turn the switch so the full boil mode takes over from the mash recirculating option.

I'm ok with electrics but can't find a simple diagram....any help please?
The selector switch is on eBay here! ... EBIDX%3AIT

Also some advice on what lights I can hook up to it....completely unnecessary, but would make me happy to have a light come on to correspond with the option selected?

Really enjoying setting this system up and can't wait to use it. Have already fired it up and checked for leaks etc...!


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Should listen to my peers....panel worked well but was only 10amps....needless to say as it approached boil it (more expensive) switch on its way! (Only a practice run with water thank goodness)

It was all linked up and working as I hoped as far as wiring goes, so not an entirely lost cause! Even fashioned a brilliant mounting system with indicator lights, labels and also attached a separate timer to it....a real thing of beauty!....and totally unesseccary, but hey!

I should point out that I have a dedicated power supply with its own consumer box to my cave! Wouldn't mess with the household rings.
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