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This set of links HERE by Shorepoints will sort you out.

& yes, PR 1.3T is the current version.
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Re: BIABacus version

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Update: It looks like my MS Office suite needed an update and now I don't have any issues in the WYWU portion of BIABacus

It's been a while since I've been around the forums and I just realized I am still running PR 1.3T. I downloaded the PR 1.3 U and was wondering if there is a clean/easy way to import my recipes into the newest version? I attempted the get data method and selected a recipe from my hard drive and Excel wouldn't bring it in as all of the fields were showing empty. Anyone have any experience with this as I'd rather not have to hand jam everything again? Also if you guys haven't caught it the WYWU bug is still showing up for me in section F.

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Re: BIABacus version

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Good questions @Am33106 and apologies for not answering sooner. (I'm running way behind atm.)

Data Import/Export

We used to be able to do this with macros but they'd work only for some people on some platforms so we ended up having to abandon macros. Later, I'll look at creating the BIABacus in LibreOffice and then trying macros in that. That's interesting you tried the "Get Data" method. I hadn't heard of that and perhaps it may come in useful later. For now though, unfortunately you'll have to re-type recipes in to a new BIABacus version. That's the bad news.

WYWU in PR 1.3U is Actually OK

The good news is that I did remember to fix that bug. Here's a screenshot of the BIABacus PR1.3U - American Pale Ale - NRB's All Amarillo APA - Batch A0.xls file as found here.


The WYWU section works on Volume of Ambien Wort (VAW) not Volume into Fermenter (VIF). So, in the attached recipe, the original amount of Whirfloc was 0.5 tablets whereas WYWU (What You Will Use) says 0.58. You will use more because the VAW is higher (26.83 lt) than the original recipe (23.0 lt). Note that 26.83/23.0 x 0.5 = 0.58.

What about Miscellaneous Additions added to Fermenter e.g. Dry Hops

If space and design allowed, the BIABacus would contain another miscellaneous section for additions that work on Volume into Fermenter e.g. dry hops. In other words, the calculation would compare the original recipe's Volume into Fermenter with the new batch's VIF. However, even though Section F only compares VAW, it still works pretty well for fermenter additions in most scenarios. The picture below shows that there has to be a substantial difference in the KFL%'s between the original recipe and new batch.

KFL effect on WYWU.jpg

KFL% isn't a term you'll find anywhere as I've just coined it. It is simply how the percentage of the VAW that goes to waste. In other words, the percentage that never gets to the fermenter. So, in the first scenario above, in both the original and the planned brew, 15% of the ambient wort is lost. This results in the BIABacus formulas giving the correct amount for any "into fermenter" additions. For example, in the first scenario the planned recipe's VIF is 1.21 times (23.0 versus 19.0 litres) that of the original recipe. So if say 100 grams of dry hops was used in the original recipe then we'll need to use 121 grams in our batch.

Thanks for your post Tony. It's sparked yet another thing to think on, perhaps changing the BIABacus formulas for dry hopping so as they were based on VIF. Besides working out where to put it, the major problem in doing this would be that you'd have to type in the original recipe's VIF which may not be available. For practical purposes, I think the current formulas are safe enough.

Thanks again,
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Re: BIABacus version

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The "get data" method may not be the correct name for it but is rather what the push button reads under the data heading in the ribbon on Excel.i just wasn't sure what else to call it. Essentially it just attempts to populate all the fields from one source to another assuming all the information is organized the same way. I hadn't considered it being just an Excel issue though and since I do also have Open Office installed I might give that a shot and see if the results are the same. For the WYWU issue it turns out it went away after I updated my Microsoft Office suite. I hear you on the recipe issue, I don't think I've ever seen recipes posted with the original brewer's VIF. If they did it wasn't clear that's what was meant, more reason for clear terminology :thumbs:. Glad I could initiate some thought on how we calculate recipe additions and maybe we should get some experiment going to see if a change is really needed. I appreciate you chiming in on this.

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