Malt for your Xmas brews possible Bulk buy

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Hi Guys.

This post is aimed at UK brewers living in the Northwest. Ideally those who live along the M62 corridor and in the Manchester area, although you are welcome to meet me at the mill if you live in the opposite direction and want to take advantage of a bulk buy. This is a cut and paste of a post I made on the Northern craft brewers Facebook page. I haven't re-checked prices yet but will if I get enough interest.

I'm thinking of doing a bulk order from Fawcetts, they will delivery 40 sacks !! but I think that will be a nightmare so my plan is to collect which is a minimum 10 sacks.
I can take up to about 28 sacks in my van, anyone up for it ? They work out at £17.50/25kg and I'll want to cover fuel and wear'n'tear, so final costs will depend on the amount of people ordering. Please note this is all in the planning and if it happens it will have to be late august/early sept due to work and holidays, in time for xmas thou..good idea ? Oh I'm Bolton based so logistically its the M62 corridor and the Manchester area, North Chesire, South Lancs..

Anyone interested ?

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Hi Yeasty

Did you have any luck with this? I guess nobody from here showed interest, what about northern craft brewer?

I would be keen on the cheaper prices if you do it again. Can you mix the 25Kg bag grain types? (i.e. pale/lager/MO etc.). If not i guess i would need to know what the grain type would be.

Hope it did/does work, the one thing i would like to see is more solidarity between us UK (& northerner) types.
If you have seen the vids of Bobbrews at his brewclub, it makes me wish we had something similar over here :pray:

cheers :drink:

BTW, I am originally from Manchester but now live in Stoke on Trent, but occasionally visit my sister in Bromley Cross. So there is no problem me picking stuff up from Bolton.
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Hi Mally

It went well in the end, I got a couple of takers from NCB and the rest from Jims. 650kg in all.

I'm going to look into splitting bags next time I do it, which will be in the new year. I'll stick your name on the list and will let you know. drop me a pm with an email address.

A couple of the guys who had grain off me mentioned the "solidarity" thing. There is the Northern Craft Brewers but there meets seem to have been over Leeds way mostly. Next time you visit your sister let me know and I'll catch you for a pint if you have time. Bromley X is just up the road and so is the "Brewery Tap" run by the guys from the "Bank Top Brewery".


Why is everyone talking about "Cheese"
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